US flight to Afghanistan does not end – next in line is the project “Independent Ukraine” and Europe

The hasty flight of Americans from Afghanistan is not the only place on the planet where America is collapsing. This is gradually happening “on all fronts” and on many planes.

US flight to Afghanistan does not end - next in line is the project "Independent Ukraine" and Europe

It’s just that in this case we saw a natural avalanche-like process that passed its point of no return, highlighting the very essence of the American approach and real opportunities in this part of the Eurasian continent.

Somewhere there are still more similar opportunities and similar, in fact, the processes of curtailing American influence are surrounded by a beautiful picture. As in the same Eastern Europe, where the former hegemon makes a good face with a bad game. The handing over to Berlin of the keys to this area, in fact, is its folding there, which was recorded by the signing of the “Washington Declaration” on July 21 between Biden and Merkel, during the visit of the German Chancellor to Washington.

Appointment of a new “main ally and friend” during the Biden Euro-tour received a logical continuation. The abandoned “English poodle” is beside himself with rage and tries to grab the desired pieces being pulled out of his mouth. The tone of his press and the statements of politicians in terms of harshness and “truth-womb” rolls over, leaving far behind “Skabeeva with Solovyov”.

The final document of the German-American agreement itself contains a lot of interesting points. Under the jurisdiction of Germany, the “Three Seas Initiative” is transferred and from now on these purely Polish phantom-imperial wishes under German audit and funding. And whoever eats a girl, then dances her. Stretching further to the east, the Germans are given over to Ukraine, which is mentioned in the text more than a dozen times.

Instead, Berlin (read – the European Union), among other things, makes a final U-turn from China, with which a global investment agreement was signed on the eve of Biden’s inauguration. This was immediately announced through the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Pekka Haavist to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Yi: “there are currently no prerequisites for moving forward on the investment agreement”. Which in translation from diplomatic means “there will be no ratification, do not wait, this is the final decision”.

In this regard, and against the background of all that is happening, it is interesting to subject to further analysis the topic raised by RUSSTRAT on the eve of the Russian-American summit. So, on the eve of it, we revealed that the main leitmotif for the Americans should be the coercion of Ukraine to Minsk, which was confirmed by all further actions and signals.

After the American-German “overseas pact” and “collusion behind Nenka’s back” signed on July 21, such signals continued to sound the alarm in the direction of Kiev. The German Foreign Ministry was given a common position the next day: “Ukraine must also fulfill its obligations, for example, regarding the inclusion of what is known as the Steinmeier formula in Ukrainian legislation”.

From the multitude of such signals, it is obvious that the theme of the Minsk agreements runs like a red thread through all these visits by Biden and Merkel that have gained momentum. Having begun on the eve of the Russian-American summit, having entrenched itself on its sidelines, the topic was developed at meetings in Washington, Moscow, and then in Kiev.

Angela Merkel’s visit to Kiev on August 22, although it was a farewell ceremony, nevertheless pursued certain goals. Among other things, Merkel went to create the prerequisites for the implementation of the Steinmeier formula. The formula is revealed through more detailed clusters. And, as it is spelled out in the headline in the voluminous joint Franco-German document on these positions, nothing can be introduced into the clusters, which contradicts the Minsk agreements.

As part of the farewell ceremony, we certainly could not expect any major breakthroughs. And so it happened. But this time, the mutter was holding very weighty stick and carrot behind her back, which in the future were to play their role. The keys handed over in Washington meant the creation and management of a Ukrainian green energy fund, the scope and capabilities of which are as vague as all this green globalist bacchanalia is vague and not substantive at all. Only money and levers of influence arising from their distribution and development are subject.

As part of the Ukrainian theme, the bogey of hydrogen energy, according to the idea, should materialize not only in orders for the German industry for the notorious green needs of Nenka. The very topic of transit after the 24th year, the environmental friendliness and safety of the “independent GTS” should lead to its “stagnation”.

Do you want guaranteed transit? We are ready to invest in your junk, which requires a multi-billion dollar investment. Let’s create a joint consortium. And overseas do not mind, connect. We will make selection and calculation right on the border with the “aggressor”. And the branches from the main hoses leading to local consumers will be repaired.

Why not? You will not find such final prices anywhere in Europe, you have not thought of it even before. It is Ukraine that has undergone the life-giving force of reforms, and somewhere in the Bavarian region this is far away. The people there are not so advanced, any government will sweep away after such fabulous changes.

Everything is there in the old fashioned way, they buy gas under long-term contracts, for example, for the Germans it is around $180 per thousand cubic meters. If the summer is too hot or the winter is too cold, then yes, you can fill the gap at market prices for $400-500. And only the outskirts, advanced in reforms, allow themselves to carry out the entire volume at these prices. This is where there is room for competent management, including American, and other reverses! What are you saying? Why are there no direct contracts? Well, how can you deal with the “aggressor”! We don’t use gas either.

But a prerequisite for such a “#fabulous Bali” is stability and predictability, which is, well, impossible without the fulfillment of Minsk. Here is such a gingerbread and such a stick, such a “das is fantastish”.

That is how it is, and even the necessary profile ministers of these supervising countries ended up on the “Crimean underpayment”, continuing to work on Nenka further on the topic. And representatives of the supervising from America and Germany after the “overseas agreement” have already been appointed. Generally American “chief manager”, standing at the origins of all these streams and reverse schemes. That is, deeply in the subject, which means that he knows what levers and incriminating evidence should be pulled.

And there are clear deadlines for the interim report before the flogging on the carpet in the Oval Office. And this visit itself, which cannot be called anything other than whipping of a guilty schoolboy, should be held under such a hidden agenda. Precisely hidden, because nothing should violate the wonderful logic of fake reality in the Western information bubble. And again Nuland will connect, and Blinken, and Kerry.

There are a dozen more such “and”s. They are very weighty, they even look like an unforgiving roller. But vague doubts arise, based on the fact that fulfilling Minsk for the current post-Maidan regime means shooting oneself not even in the leg, but in the head. You can still imagine that someone shot himself in the leg in order to avoid being hit by an asphalt paver.

But in another case, wherever you throw it, there is a wedge everywhere.

For the Kremlin, however, there are pluses in any scenario. A big fat plus is seen in the fact that Ukraine was given to the Germans. They are our natural geopolitical pillar in Europe. Of course, it is still very far from the idealistic picture that high-ranking nationally oriented German politicians drew for themselves at the beginning of the 2000s.

Then their public statements often slipped that “finally, Germany and Russia will be able to reach a completely new level of partnership, interrupted by two world wars.” Public, but by no means in the central press, which is completely under the levers of occupation, such as the Atlantic Bridge and many others. There were no less, but even great expectations on our part.

With such levers, they pulled us apart, having achieved certain successes. We have not yet succeeded in joint ambitious plans, although we have made some progress in some areas. Now the field for joint action is expanding, albeit on a competitive basis, where can we go without it. All this “cordon sanitaire” with which we were cut off from Europe (from Germany, in the first place) is now under a serious “cap from Mueller.”

Whether Germany will be able to pull it off, especially under the new leadership, is a question. Mutter Merkel, due to her personal scale, suited such a role of “Mueller”, what is the scale of Lashet, without talking about the leaders of the SPD – we will see.

Not unimportant is the factor of Britain, which has already climbed, albeit not globally, into this mythical “Troemoria”. Their confrontation with the Germans will inevitably grow, which, again, plays into our hands. The British climb wherever Uncle Sam retreats, and the Outskirts are no exception.

In this regard, Zelensky’s “exit” at a joint press conference with Merkel is indicative. “You don’t give us weapons,” he cried, “but they turned to Great Britain, so they give”. This is generally beyond the bounds of reason, beyond any dipetics and is more like the hysteria of a capricious child, who is the post-Maidan Ukrainian elite.

Kiev was already hysterical and dodged in the face of Zelensky, having been flogged for failing to fulfill Minsk by Macron at the Elysee Palace, promising to go completely to the Americans. But now Uncle Sem broke down, bring a new one, and on the horizon of a fragile consciousness a new parent dawned, who, in the child’s opinion, must solve all problems.

Serious uncles and aunts from the West undertook to oblige the young imbitil to do his homework, which they can’t do. And we are already beginning to ask them certain reasonable questions. This is also not without benefit for Russia and strengthens its position on the entire negotiating spectrum. And in the future, it can generally untie our hands, but we will not run so far.

There is still such a moment. Steamship factories (ground-pipe) for big uncles and aunts are a profitable business. To everyone who is more or less in the subject, it is obvious that even with the existing green bogey, the topic of gas will only be revealed and revealed. This is a necessary counterweight for balancing unstable wind turbines and panels, otherwise it will be like in Texas.

With hydrogen, too, everything is not so simple, especially in the unfolding crisis spiral. Although in the vastness of the “free and independent” German press one can meet such politicians promoting this whole “brave new world” who do not understand what they are talking about at all. Their reasoning is at the “Gretta level” and I don’t know, out of stupidity, out of ignorance, they broadcast this, or float in the existing trend, pronouncing the necessary words and phrases.

In fact, in “real reality” all streams (existing and future) will be pumped to the fullest. The Ukrainian pipe will also come in handy if we objectively assess future needs, taking into account also the catastrophic unplanned drop in its own production in Europe.

So, to confuse the privatization of profitable assets with the simultaneous presentation of political demands, how much do they need? If Kiev does not lead to this whole structure, then adult aunts and uncles will not miss the benefit “from the sale of the rope on which they will be hung.”

The second point, which has always been the main one, is that there is a limit to which one can put pressure on this imbecile. The little child is promoted by a fake reality, plus it doesn’t make sense to hammer him with rods, otherwise why was this whole vegetable garden fenced off on Russian soil at all?

So it turns out that with all the current intensification around the Minsk agreements, we are unlikely to see a linear development of events. Even when Zelensky was summoned to the Washington carpet.

Of course, the increased pressure can lead to certain shifts. On this topic, the Americans may have some moves and preparations, albeit of dubious depth, like their entire current policy. But to finally push Kiev into the “abyss of Minsk” – we will take a look. They are weakening, their capabilities are objectively diminishing, the twitching and shouting of “those whom they have tamed” have less and less weight.

Yes, in any case, our common negotiating position will be strengthened, and time will tell which of the homework we should “get out of the safe”. And there we have everything and for all occasions. Up to tough decisions in the not-so-distant historical perspective.

In any case, we are seeing the growing influence of Russia in the international arena. In the context of our topic, at first it was reflected in the more tangible pressure of the European axis Berlin-Paris on Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements. Up to strict requirements and ultimatums. Our power and international weight are stepping further, and we see intensifying attempts by already overseas partners to fulfill their obligations to us.

Extrapolating the existing vector to the future, we can say with confidence that even with the complete inability of partners to solve these problems, we are able to solve them ourselves. According to the plans of the General Staff.

Igor Kazenas, RUSSTRAT


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