“The White House has no time for Ukraine”: Russian senator evaluates Zelensky’s visit to U.S.

Senator of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov noted that during the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Washington, he was completely lost in the media space against the background of the flight of Americans from Afghanistan.

"The White House has no time for Ukraine": Russian senator evaluates Zelensky's visit to U.S.

On Wednesday, September 1, Zelensky will meet with US President Joe Biden in Washington. As News Front previously reported, the head of the White House refused to hold a joint press conference with Zelensky following the meeting.

“Against the background of Biden’s statement about Afghanistan and the global media storm caused by the flight of Americans from the Taliban, Zelensky’s visit to the United States was completely lost. In fact, the White House has no time for Ukraine. There, are a lot of other problems there”, said Pushkov in his Telegram channel.

In his opinion, during the meeting of the presidents of the Ukrainian and American president “all the words on duty will be said, but in terms of image, Zelensky’s trip has become a victim of the” Afghan syndrome “in the United States and looks like a failure.”

“A third-rate country is asking something again from America, which has great difficulties and is not up to it now”, Pushkov emphasized.

In April, US President Joe Biden announced his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Following the withdrawal of troops, the Taliban * militants began sequentially seizing provinces, including the president’s palace.

After leaving Afghanistan, the US mission left $ 85 billion worth of weapons there, according to US Navy Reserve Supply Corps Lieutenant and Member of the House of Representatives Jim Banks.

*-Terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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