“It’s sad”: Lavrov reacts to Zelensky’s words about Russian gas

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that statements by Kiev politicians on historical topics and about the “dirtiest in the world” Russian gas are made out of stupidity. It is simply impossible to explain their absurdity in another way.

"It's sad": Lavrov reacts to Zelensky's words about Russian gas

The Foreign Minister commented on the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about Russian fuel when he spoke to students and teachers at MGIMO, TASS reports.

“Now Ukrainian colleagues are practicing some kind of verbal balancing act: they think that Russia is their original name. They say that the baptism of Rus is just a Ukrainian holiday, and so on. It is sad. President Zelensky himself makes some statements that our gas is the dirtiest in the world. In general, this is not of great intelligence, to be honest”, Lavrov said.

The diplomat stressed that this behavior of the Ukrainian side can be explained by the desire to develop and maintain a Russophobic policy. Only in this way is Kiev able to ensure that the West continues to support it.

In the eyes of Washington and Brussels, Ukraine has a clear task: to destabilize the situation in Russia. Kiev should draw Moscow’s attention to itself and divert it from solving more global problems and foreign policy. The Ukrainian regime brazenly uses this, forcing the Americans to support even the most absurd attacks on the Russian Federation.

The West once made a major stake on Ukraine in the game against Russia. She obviously didn’t play, but Washington simply cannot give up on her plan. He perfectly understands that the original idea failed, but he has no idea what to do with it.

Zelensky is now on a visit to the United States. There he managed to comment on the quality of Russian fuel and said that it was “the dirtiest in the world.” However, this did not prevent him from insisting on the creation of special regulators in order to preserve the transit of gas, which, in his opinion, is of insufficient quality, through the Ukrainian territory.


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