China urged to investigate US crimes in Afghanistan

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called for an investigation into cases of massacres of civilians by the US military and its allies, which were recorded in Afghanistan during a twenty-year military campaign.

China urged to investigate US crimes in Afghanistan

“Although the US military has withdrawn from Afghanistan, the crimes committed by them and their allies over the past 20 years, involving the massacres of civilians, must be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice”, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

According to the ministry, as of April 2020, at least 47 thousand Afghan civilians died as a result of the military conflict while the US troops were in the country.

“The United States must work with the international community to provide economic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, keep the government running smoothly, maintain social stability, stop currency depreciation and inflation, and allow Afghanistan to follow the path of peace”, Wang Wenbin said.


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