What Washington will demand from Zelensky for re-election guarantees

Experts and technologists are discussing what the White House may demand from Vladimir Zelensky in exchange for agreeing on his re-election in early presidential elections

What Washington will demand from Zelensky for re-election guarantees

Experts agree on three things:

1. Transfer of the Ukrainian gas transportation system to American companies to work with German companies on the transit of Russian gas – the United States will take profit from transit at the level of €2-4 billion per year after the growth in gas consumption in the EU.

2. Transfer of “Ukrzaliznytsia” to a consortium with German companies: the Germans will provide cargo flows and technologies, the Americans – to skim the financial “cream”.

3. Intensive continuation of the seizure of control of the judicial system of Ukraine – the formation of “ethical commissions” from grant-eating structures and the beginning of a purge of judges disloyal to the West even before the elections, so that at the time of judicial consideration of disputes on elections and on key political issues, judges are guided by the interests of the United States.

In such a situation, the attempts of Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and Firtash to decide something in the Ukrainian courts according to their fate, including Privatbank, the GTS and the railway, will be systematically leveled, as well as on political issues of Medvedchuk, Poroshenko, including appealing the machinations in the early presidential elections.

Long-term processes, such as a settlement on Donbass or actions on Belarus / Russia / EU do not count – they do not belong to real deals “here and now we are changing one for another”.

Most likely, there can be no demand for Igor Kolomoisky: the leakage of compromising evidence and the nervous reaction of other oligarchs after Kolomoisky’s extradition to the United States will complicate or make impossible the re-election of Zelensky in the fall, so it makes no sense to put forward such a demand.

If Zelensky is re-elected with US sanction, then the vertical of power is strengthened under him, and then, as the President more dependent on Washington, he will be able to set tasks according to Kolomoisky.

TG-channel “Washington Regional Committee”


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