Illegal migrants in Lithuania complain of hunger and dampness in refugee camps

Migrants in Lithuania have complained that refugee camps do not provide them with food, as well as medical care it is reported 

Illegal migrants in Lithuania complain of hunger and dampness in refugee camps

According to the newspaper, the camp, which is located about 1,500 refugees, is a line of tarpaulin tents, which goes deep into the forest, one mile from the Lithuanian village of Rudninkai. The migrants, who live there, say they are “overcome by dampness”.

“We are hungry here, the food is poor, once a day they give us some dry pasta, canned food, the water smells bad”,  – says one of the men occupying the camp. He said he is originally from Iraq and traveled to Belarus, then by group to the border and through forest trails to Lithuania.

Another Nigerian refugee said he never expected to be chased first by border guards, then by Lithuanian services to be “treated like a dog” and then lodged in the woods and not allowed to go anywhere.

“I’m cold – I’m freezing, and I don’t have warm clothes”, –  he says.

One of the residents of another migrant camp near the border with Belarus also admits that they are starving.

“We are starving here; we are not allowed to eat”, –  Sputnik Lithuania quoted the woman as saying.

According to the newspaper, locals oppose the placement of refugee camps.

“We have already given up on everything… Of course, it has become scary to live here”, –  said a resident of Pabrade, the largest migrant camp in the country.

Lithuania, Latvia and Poland have recently reported an increase in the number of illegal migrants apprehended on the border with Belarus. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has stated that Minsk will no longer hold back the flow of illegal migrants to EU countries: due to Western sanctions, there is “no money and no strength” to do so.


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