Trump criticises Biden’s failure in Afghanistan: ‘Stupidest move in US history’

Former President Donald Trump has said in an exclusive interview on Hannity that the growing crisis in Afghanistan is the result of “the stupidest move President Joe Biden has ever made in perhaps the history of our country”

Trump criticises Biden's failure in Afghanistan: 'Stupidest move in US history'

Adding that the Delaware Democrat has surrounded himself with “woke generals” who have shifted their priorities from national security to liberal politics.

Trump warned host Sean Hannity that Biden and his top generals, such as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, were “bearding” the power and inclinations of the rank-and-file and inconsistently shifting their priorities:
“Biden and the awakened generals have simply woken up. I said even at the end of my service I saw letters about equality and all these different things – soldiers want to fight, they want to be combat ready, they want to be soldiers, but sleepy generals, it has gone to a level that nobody can even believe”, –  he said.

In Afghanistan, Trump said, Biden and the commanders sought to withdraw troops as he did, but did so in the exact opposite order:

“One thing they forgot, they forgot to take people and goods with them, which is they forgot to take the biggest military equipment in the world, and that’s hard to believe because a child would understand. The military is taken out last. A child would have understood that. How could they do this to our country?”


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