Protest against compulsory vaccination takes place in Greece

A rally is being held today in Athens to protest against compulsory vaccination for medical professionals


It is worth recalling that the compulsory vaccination for medical workers will come into force on September 1. Those employees who refuse to be vaccinated and do not vaccinate with at least one dose of the vaccine will be suspended from work.

Michalis Yiannakos, head of the public hospital workers’ union in Greece, said the union would support unvaccinated colleagues. He said mandatory vaccinations for all health workers would only provoke staff shortages and put extra strain on the health system.

According to the union, about 10 per cent of health workers have not had their first vaccination. For their part, protesters have said that the opinion of the few dissenters should be respected.

Greece has seen a steady increase in confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, hospitalisations due to it and deaths over the past few weeks. The Greek government is trying to accelerate the pace of vaccination through a series of incentives.


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