Afghanistan’s Benghazi: Biden pulled out in public

Nine hours after the attacks and under public pressure, Biden did come out in public. His team did not want to put him on camera for a long time – but hiding the US president on the day of the deaths of American soldiers was not nice at all

Afghanistan's Benghazi: Biden pulled out in public

The American leader traditionally gave a rather muddled speech, where he blamed the killing of 13 US Marines and more than 200 Afghans on ISIS-K militants. The letter K stands for “Khorasan”, which is how the Americans refer to the IS part of Afghanistan. It has been a long time since the US Army suffered such losses in a single day – and far exceeds the death toll in the infamous Benghazi in 2012, when Biden was Vice President.

The terrorists now, if Biden is to be believed, face imminent doom in the form of retaliation for the Kabul bombings. However, it is not clear how the United States can achieve this against the background of the evacuation of its military mission in Afghanistan. The only way it could do so would be through bombing and drone strikes, which would take a lot of time and energy.

Many recall Biden’s words a week ago, where he promised a swift and swift response to any attack on the retreating US forces. There has been an attack – but so far no response. Biden did, however, confirm information that the US is sharing intelligence with the Taliban. He also gave them lists of American citizens who should be allowed into the airport.

Biden’s remark that when he took questions from journalists, he bluntly said: “I have been instructed to answer this reporter’s question. We are already used to Biden choosing pre-agreed questions from loyal journalists: now he has admitted it himself.

Towards the end of the speech, of course, Biden recalled the death of his son – Bew – and offered to pray together for the dead soldiers. And his team of political spin doctors hastily accuse anyone who starts questioning the incompetence of the White House of “politicising” the tragedy.

From deep within the presidential administration, signals are beginning to emerge that many are unhappy with Biden’s policies. They say aides are afraid to tell him that the king is naked and has led the situation in Afghanistan to a total disaster for America. No one wants to be a scapegoat, so there may soon be a long line of people who want to turn in their boss, Biden.

Malek Dudakov


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