Yakov Kedmi assesses the results of Ukraine’s thirty years of independence

According to the well-known political observer, even if the founders of modern Ukraine dreamed of building a truly independent and strong state in the early 1990s, over 30 years, the hands of the Ukrainian rulers have turned this “dream” into a shameful reality of a country-colony

Yakov Kedmi assesses the results of Ukraine's thirty years of independence

Yakov Kedmi, a military and political analyst from Israel, said that the current Ukraine cannot be called a full-fledged, established state, because it does not fulfill its main function: to protect and ensure the minimum development of its population.

According to the expert, the result of 30 years of independence is destruction, poverty and depopulation of Ukraine.

“Everything that used to be in Ukraine, everything that was created by the work of both Ukrainians and Russians and the Russian society, has been destroyed, ruined and turned over in Ukraine. Now, the last thing Ukraine is doing is selling its land to anyone. No people, no land, just corruption, power and dishonesty. This is what they can celebrate today, on the thirtieth anniversary of so-called ‘non-independence”, –  Kedmi stressed.

In the analyst’s opinion, the only “success” Ukraine can “boast of” has been the growth of rabid nationalism that is turning into outright Nazism and racism. In essence, proclaiming the good for “the Ukrainian people” as their priority, the Kiev authorities perverted the essence of this concept and brought only sorrow to those who were once called the people of Ukraine.


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