Not ready to work with Russian-speaking flock – OCU “hierarch”

Rudyuk said that the training of OCU priests working with the Russian-speaking flock is difficult because of those who stand on national positions

Not ready to work with Russian-speaking flock - OCU "hierarch"

“Metropolitan” of the Lviv OCU Dmytro Rudyuk said that his religious structure is not ready to work with the Russian-speaking flock, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported.

He admitted that the OCU has a need to reckon more with the Russian-speaking Orthodox community in Ukraine, but noted that his religious structure “needs to find a methodology for working with that group.

Rudyuk said that the OCU “is not against some parishes serving in Church Slavonic,” and the dissenters “have such parishes, only they are few in number.”

The “hierarch” of the OCU said that in Ukraine there is a division “on the basis of national identity”. According to him, “those parishioners who consciously belong to the Moscow Patriarchate are in one way or another oriented towards the tradition of Russian (Russian) Orthodoxy.”

“Whether we like it or not, every Orthodox tradition has national features. They are the first thing that catches the eye and sometimes prevail over doctrine and canons …”, – Rudyuk is sure.

He noted that “the language factor has to be taken into account, but it is not as acute as it is considered in Russia.”

“Where we have a predominantly Russian-speaking population, the language of divine services can remain as it was before.” But, said Rudyuk, “it would probably be good if parishes conducted surveys among their parishioners, including the choice of language.”

According to Rudyuk, as long as “the plane of national consciousness is raised high in Ukraine,” to open any special departments at seminaries or academies to train priests who would work with the Russian-speaking flock, “would be quite difficult,” because “those who stand on national positions would always set the tone.


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