Court restricts NSP2 operator’s access to pipeline

The operator of Nord Stream 2 has been restricted from accessing the pipeline. This decision was taken by the Higher Land Court of Düsseldorf, which rejected a lawsuit against the Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur

Court restricts NSP2 operator's access to pipeline

Earlier it had banned the gas pipeline from being exempted from the norms of the European Union gas directive. This was reported by, citing a Reuters publication.

The case in question is a norm that is regulated in Germany by a special law. Theoretically, Berlin can exempt the project from regulation, but only those completed before 23 May 2019 fall under this possibility.

The directive also deals with the separation of the companies that supply gas and those that transport it. The operator of NSP2 is a subsidiary of Gazprom. In addition, 50% of the capacity must be reserved for alternative suppliers. Exceptions can only be approved by the European Commission.


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