Experts told how China can repeat Russia’s strike on Lithuanian railways

Golan experts do not exclude that China could deal a crushing blow to transit through Lithuania because of the anti-Chinese statements of the Lithuanian authorities and Vilnius’ support for the anti-Russian rhetoric of the EU.

Experts told how China can repeat Russia's strike on Lithuanian railways

Relations between Vilnius and Beijing are on the brink of a rupture, which threatens Lithuania with a reduction or complete cancellation of cargo transportation between the two countries.

In the publication Railfreight, experts note that difficulties arose after Lithuania and Taiwan announced plans to strengthen cooperation.

So, it became known about their intention to open their offices on the territory of each other. This caused discontent in Beijing, which even decided to recall its ambassador from Lithuania.

It is noted that the new reduction in transit will cost Lithuania a disaster, since some of the railways in the country do not bring significant profit, due to the blow by Russia, which was inflicted earlier.


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