Expert says U.S. will leave Ukraine, as happened with Afghanistan

The United States is likely to leave Ukraine alone with its problems, as happened with Afghanistan, said Vladimir Polyakov, deputy of the LPR People’s Council.

Expert says U.S. will leave Ukraine, as happened with Afghanistan

The republics of Donbass have repeatedly expressed the opinion that Kiev’s policy depends on the opinions and recommendations of other countries. The DPR and LPR associate this with the lack of independence of the country’s leadership, since, in their opinion, by the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of independence, Ukraine was actually under external control, in particular, by Washington.

“We can see a story that unfolds in Afghanistan. And Ukraine, in the end, raped, robbed, destroyed by the United States will be abandoned. And, unfortunately, you and I, our homeland of Russia, will have to, remembering that tens of millions of Russians live in Ukraine, to rebuild it, as it was in the postwar years (after the Great Patriotic War – ed.)”, Polyakov told RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, the US government first wants to “make anti-Russia out of Ukraine,” and then abandon Kiev, hoping that after that the Russian Federation will not remain aloof from the country’s problems and will help the economic recovery of Ukraine. As a result, this will weaken the economy and Russia.

“But there is no other way, we will have to save these people, the geopolitical situation has changed dramatically over the past six months. My expectation is that in the near future there will be another crisis in Ukraine, another Maidan, and they do not bring anything good for Ukraine”, Polyakov said.

He stressed that Ukraine for 30 years has not implemented the norms that sounded in the declaration of independence of the state. Polyakov recalled that Ukraine left the USSR without debts, because the Russian Federation took over the payment of all Soviet debt. The deputy clarified that in Ukraine “people are being enslaved in terms of, for example, energy prices”, since it is because of the policy of Kiev that the inhabitants of Ukraine are forced to go to work in other countries en masse. According to the deputy, Kiev has no goal of the country’s economic prosperity.


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