Without Russia, Europe has nothing to look forward to in the Middle East

Merkel is not just going to Moscow to say goodbye to Putin. No, she understands that a strategic dialogue needs to be re-established with Russia, especially in the field of international security

Without Russia, Europe has nothing to look forward to in the Middle East
America will no longer be able to solve the problem of Afghanistan. Europe does not see itself as an actor on the international scene without the U.S. It will have to rebuild itself. Without cooperation with Russia, Europe has nothing to hope for in the Middle East. The elites, unlike Merkel, do not realise this yet.

The German media is snide about Merkel’s visit to Moscow. They recall one bad thing – that Merkel never trusted Putin, that Russia brazenly spies on Germany, that Russia poisoned Navalny (the press writes that Merkel chose the anniversary of Navalny’s poisoning to meet Putin, when in fact she chose the 30th anniversary of the August coup); the main German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published a critical article by Navalny himself.

Very serious forces in the West are working to ensure that there will be no rapprochement with Moscow under Merkel’s successor. Nothing has been heard for a long time from Macron, who used to speak in favour of improving strategic ties with Moscow.

Germany has lost its strategic thinking in geopolitics. Instead of understanding and rethinking the world order and the situation in the Middle East, as Merkel does, German elites are bogged down in mutual accusations about which German institution is responsible for the failure of the mission in Afghanistan. There is a lot of berating of their ministers for not getting those Afghan nationals, who had been working for the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan in recent years, out of Afghanistan in time. Everything looks so provincial…

Alexander Rahr, Germany


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