Spain does not allow Russian warships to enter its port

The Spanish Foreign Ministry has not allowed two Russian naval ships to call at the port of Ceuta. The reason was allegedly that the Russian Federation did not provide information on the further route

Spain does not allow Russian warships to enter its port

On August 18, the Russian large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the supply vessel Altai were to visit the port for a three-day visit to refuel and resupply.

It is noted that Moscow sent a request to stop at the port at the beginning of summer. The Spanish Navy General Staff, in turn, approved the request. However, according to the Spanish laws, the entry of foreign warships into ports must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry asked Russia for more information on the further route of the ships. However, Moscow did not provide it.

After that, the Spanish Foreign Ministry decided not to sanction the stopping of the ships, acting as the Russians did – without responding. This silence was interpreted by Russian diplomats as a negative response.

Also the newspaper El Pais links this “political decision” with the fact that Madrid will host the summit of NATO heads of state and government in spring 2022.


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