Russia’s aid to Afghanistan will cause new sanctions from the West

Russia’s aid to Afghanistan will lead to new sanctions from the West. The authors of the Shatrov Telegram channel are sure of this.

Russia's aid to Afghanistan will cause new sanctions from the West

There are many unresolved issues in the country, which in many respects now have to be dealt with by China, the Russian Federation, the CSTO and the SCO. That is, it is Moscow and Beijing that will have to deal with the mess left behind by the United States.

“At the same time, the contacts of Moscow and Beijing with the Taliban* will be viewed by Washington through the prism of the fight against terrorism and will be presented exclusively as contacts with terrorists. That is, a balanced policy towards the new authorities in Afghanistan will threaten Russia and China with more sanctions”, the journalists noted.

This is a completely expected development of events. And nevertheless, if the United States makes such a decision, it will not cease to be less absurd. For Americans, Afghanistan is a distant country. But for Russia, the crisis is the dawn of radicalism in this territory can become a problem. It is only natural that Moscow will settle the situation and work to achieve peace.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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