Biden’s rating drops to record low after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan*

The approval rating for US President Joe Biden fell to 46% after the Taliban* seized power in Afghanistan. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the sociological service Ipsos.

Biden's rating drops to record low after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan*

“A national poll conducted on Monday showed that only 46% of American adults approve of Biden’s presidency, the lowest in weekly polls since Biden took office”, Reuters writes.

Just a week ago, before the militants seized power in Afghanistan, the rating of the American president was 53%. Thus, in just seven days, support for the head of the White House fell by 7 percentage points.

“A separate Ipsos snap poll, also conducted on Monday, found that less than half of Americans liked the way Biden led the US military and diplomatic efforts in Afghanistan this year”, the newspaper notes.

According to the poll, about 75% of Americans support the decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan to help ensure the security of key facilities in the country until the withdrawal is completed. Roughly the same number of respondents supported the evacuation of Afghans who had collaborated with US forces in the country.

“The approval of Biden’s actions in Afghanistan is even lower than that of former President George W. Bush. Bush, who ordered the invasion of Afghanistan and strengthened the United States in a costly and ultimately futile effort to bolster new leadership in the country”, concluded Reuters.

*-Terrorist organization, banned in the Russian Federation


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