“The collapse of the world order under US control”: political scientist evaluates situation in Afghanistan

The hasty curtailment of the US military presence in Afghanistan has become a symbol of the collapse of the world order under Washington’s control, political expert Andrei Tsygankov said.

"The collapse of the world order under US control": political scientist evaluates situation in Afghanistan

In his opinion, a deepening crisis of American identity, associated with the polarization of the political class, is expected ahead. The political scientist recalled that a significant part of the US elite did not support the decision of the administration of President Joe Biden to withdraw the military contingent from Afghanistan.
Tsygankov noted that many American politicians insisted on the need to defend the “liberal” world order and protect the

Afghan minorities. However, Biden made a different decision, which will lead to an inevitable rise in opposition sentiment in the United States.

“As the Taliban gains power, the ethnic and political opposition is suppressed, and women are returned to the slavery of traditional society, Biden’s political situation will become even more complicated and a new blow to the international prestige of the United States will be dealt. The rhetoric of the country’s leadership about America retaining global leadership in promoting liberal values ​​will be increasingly perceived as a political maneuver that distracts from internal problems”, the political scientist said on his Facebook page.

After the withdrawal of the American military contingent from the territory of Afghanistan, the situation in the republic has deteriorated greatly. Taliban fighters* consistently captured large cities. On Sunday, the Taliban* took control of the presidential palace. The head of state, Ashraf Ghani, left the country, after which the militants announced the end of hostilities.

The US Senator Rick Scott announced the need to investigate Biden’s actions with regard to Afghanistan. In his opinion, “Biden’s carelessness made the world more dangerous, endangering the United States and the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.”

*-Terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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