Afghanistan: Taliban take over Kandahar, the country’s second largest city

Militants of the Taliban movement (banned in Russia) seized the second largest Afghan city of Kandahar. Earlier on Wednesday, the strategically important city of Ghazni, which is located on the main Kabul-Kandahar highway, linking strongholds in the south with the capital, was captured.

Afghanistan: Taliban take over Kandahar, the country's second largest city

Initially, the Taliban themselves announced the capture of Kandahar; on Thursday evening, confirmation from other sources appeared. In particular, videos with Taliban fighters on the streets of the city appeared on social networks, and the media reported on the flight of officials and military from the center.

The capture of Kandahar, once a Taliban stronghold, can be considered a strategic Taliban victory. The Islamist offensive continues to gain momentum; the militants seize several new settlements a day and move closer and closer to the capital of the country, Kabul.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon said it was sending military personnel to Kabul airport to ensure the evacuation of American citizens. The US State Department also reported that the country is organizing regular flights to Afghanistan for the same purpose.


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