China strikes back at EU swiftly and harshly

Lithuania was clearly not prepared for the fact that the Chinese ambassador in Vilnius, in response to the recognition of Taiwan, would simply pick up and leave for Beijing

China strikes back at EU swiftly and harshly
Our Alexander Ivanovich Udaltsov in response to similar cases of diplomatic boorishness to Russia was limited to expressing deep concern about the unfriendly policy of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius simply could not imagine that China would immediately lead to breaking off diplomatic relations.

Now the ambassador is humbly asked to return, the foreign minister promising that he will work for his return. Chinese investments in infrastructure, congestion in the Klaipeda port, the New Silk Road – all this, it turns out, was not thrown off the ship of modernity, when Lithuania declared itself the flagship of anti-Chinese policy of the European Union.

The situation, by the way, is a model one. China is striking back at the EU swiftly and harshly. How can we not recall the Celestial Empire’s anti-European sanctions the day after the EP passed its resolution on the “genocide of the Uighurs? The authors of the resolution, the European parliamentarians (who do you think?) from Lithuania were shocked. How are sanctions? Sanctions against us?! And what are they sanctioning us for?!

And, the further it goes on, China’s sanctions policy is becoming a model of behaviour for Russia.

Alexander Nosovich


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