War in Afghanistan threatens EU with new wave of migrants

Germany and the Netherlands have decided to suspend the deportation of refugees from Afghanistan who were denied asylum in the EU. Such a decision has caused a storm of indignation in the European Union

War in Afghanistan threatens EU with new wave of migrants

To date, some 1.5 million Afghans are already in the EU, with more than 4 million migrants from Syria waiting in refugee camps in Turkey to make their way to the EU. Many experts rightly believe that Europe will not be able to cope with so many refugees and Turkey, which does not receive the promised aid from the EU, is losing patience and is ready to stop holding back those willing to resettle in Europe’s rich countries.

The decisions by The Hague and Berlin contradict a letter they sent to the European Commission last week, insisting on their right to forcibly deport Afghan asylum seekers whose applications for refugee status have been rejected.

German Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter attributed the German authorities’ decision to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan due to the rapid advance of the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) deep into the country. Similar arguments were used by Dutch Deputy Minister of Justice Anki Broekers-Knoll, saying the Netherlands had planned to change its policy on Afghan refugees by October this year, but the situation in Afghanistan has changed dramatically.

“The situation is undergoing such a change and is so uncertain in the short term that we have decided to freeze decisions and deportations”, –  Broekers-Knol wrote.

But Greece, which last week signed the letter along with five other European Union countries, said on Wednesday that ending deportations would “send the wrong message” and further encourage Afghans to try to reach Europe. In addition to Greece, Belgium, Austria and Denmark have signed the letter sent to the European Commission.


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