Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused Russia of “absorption” of Belarus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement in which Russia was called on to stop “pressure on Belarus”, and the President of the Republic, Alexander Lukashenko, was warned against “supporting Moscow’s policy.”

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused Russia of "absorption" of Belarus

“August 9 marks one year since the presidential elections in Belarus, the results of which were not recognized by the international community, in particular by Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry once again calls on the Belarusian authorities to return the state to a democratic channel”, the document says.

In addition, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on Russia “to refrain from attacking the freedom and sovereignty of Belarus”. According to representatives of the Foreign Ministry, Russia is absorbing Belarus and “grossly violating international law, continuing its aggressive policy against Ukraine and other states,” and also poses a threat to the national security of Ukraine and the region.

“Any forms of Minsk’s support for the Kremlin’s illegal policy aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine will be regarded as an unfriendly act and actual support for Russian aggression, which will entail corresponding international legal consequences”, the Foreign Ministry concluded.


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