Media explained Biden’s “goodwill gesture” towards Nord Stream-2

The US President Joe Biden showed a gesture of goodwill towards Russia when he did not interfere with the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, Vuk Vuksanovich expressed this opinion in an article for The National Interest.

Media explained Biden's "goodwill gesture" towards Nord Stream-2

“The consent to the completion of Nord Stream-2 was a step to avoid burning all the bridges in relations with Russia. <…> A gesture of goodwill for Nord Stream-2 is just one small piece of the puzzle. Eastern Europe will be unhappy, but nothing can be done about it”, – the article says.

The author did not rule out that such a step by Biden was necessary to contain China, which is considered a key rival of the United States.

Nord Stream-2 is a gas pipeline project with a length of over 1,200 kilometers, which runs between Russia and Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine had proposed a method of protection against Nord Stream 2.


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