Expert says Zelensky’s meeting with Biden does not threaten Russia

Political analyst Dmitry Drobnitsky told what Russia should expect from the meeting of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with American leader Joe Biden.

Expert says Zelensky's meeting with Biden does not threaten Russia

Their meeting is scheduled for the end of August. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has even voiced topics that the heads of the two states will raise during the talks. The main issues will be the development of partnerships, attracting money to the Ukrainian economy and security. Separately, Zelensky and Biden will talk about “confronting the Russian aggressor.”

The expert believes that the guarantor may ask the Western “partner” to introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation. However, the decision will not be made by Zelensky and it is far from the fact that he will be heard.

“Of course, there is a possibility that Zelensky will ask for something similar. In fact, it’s not up to him to decide. Ukraine is under external control. This is an obvious fact, no one hides it anymore. Of course, it is symbolically important for the Kiev elite that the head of state will come to Washington, meet Biden, but this does not change anything”, Drobnitsky said.

In addition, he is confident that future negotiations will in no way affect Biden’s attitude towards the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The States do not care about Zelensky’s opinion on this issue, and any statements by Washington about Nord Stream-2 will become a simple formality that does not affect the situation in any way.

Zelensky can only hope that the meeting with Biden somehow raises his rapidly dwindling ratings. The political scientist believes that there really is such a possibility, but the rise will be minimal and will not last long.


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