Ukraine: occupation and liberation are Russia’s immediate tasks

On the eve of tectonic world shifts, the visible beginning of which is indicated by a covid epic, more and more “what is hidden in the foliage” is exposed, and the features of the world into which they want to shove humanity appear more and more clearly. Those who cook it are coming to the fore more and more.

Ukraine: occupation and liberation are Russia's immediate tasks

In order to “fully discern the enemy” and successfully counteract it, it is necessary to give the correct names to those things that, for various reasons, we preferred to call evasively. In fact, the start of this process was recently given by the President of the Russian Federation himself, who came up with a conceptual manifesto.

Let’s call a spade a spade. In order.

First, Ukraine is occupied! Occupied by the Anglo-Saxons. This is, in fact, the same occupation as in 1941. Only slightly draped.

Kiev fell. As a result of rearguard battles, it was possible to defend part of the territory of Ukraine. An occupation regime has been established in the rest of Ukraine. Let no one be fooled by the absence of flags with a swastika at the entrance to government offices. It will be necessary – they will appear.

Oh yes: and there are no mass public shootings yet.

The occupiers have a much longer planning horizon than Hitler. And that makes them more dangerous. The process of building an “Anti-Russia” from Ukraine is in its final stages. There are many markers here: as complete as possible, isolation from Russian culture (from literature in particular), the widespread struggle with the Russian language, and in general a constant emphasis on the fact that Russia is an enemy. Criminal liability for the recognition of the fact of the civil war and the denial of Russian aggression. Writing a fake story. Another marker is that there is essentially no juvenile justice in Ukraine, which they are trying to promote in Russia (there should be as many bandera-fascists as possible).

To expect that Ukraine will somehow free itself from the occupation is either an unconscious self-deception or a deliberate malicious lie. It will not happen. It is perhaps even more difficult for Ukraine to free itself now than in 1942.

The building of Anti-Russia did not begin yesterday. In fact, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The process began at an accelerated pace after the 2004 Orange Revolution. And before that, since the collapse of the USSR, there was a powerful impetus from Bandera’s Kravchuk and the opportunist Kuchma. Euromaidan in 2014 and the civil war finally broke through the knee the remnants of resistance to the Anti-Russia project.

Another five years, and the people on whom one could rely in starting the reverse process will be in an absolute minority and become marginalized at best. At worst, criminals. Power in Ukraine is represented by policemen and elders appointed by the occupiers. With the resignation of Arsen Avakov (as Dmitry Dzhangirov noted, his “honor” sounds like a mockery), for all the abomination of this figure, the last policeman was removed from the high post, who could at least a little think not only about the orders of the owner, but also about their own benefit.

Everything. All significant posts are occupied by “Soros”. They have good hair, a complete lack of brains, belief in their own greatness and a glassy gaze. Ukraine no longer exists. There is a territory ruled by Western structures that have been exclusively hostile to Russia for over 200 years.

Yes. There are many more people on the territory who understand what happened. But publicly they are silent. For the SBU treats such people the same way the Hitler regime treats partisans and underground fighters. Why is all this described?
Then, to repeat once again – there will be no liberation of Ukraine from within!

An external force is needed. Now let’s fantasize a little.

What will happen if in Kiev landing and. O. President of Ukraine, appointed for the duration of his illness by order of V.F.
What will happen if VF Yanukovych is “helped” to assemble a government in exile, with the subsequent switching over to himself of real power powers (only those who have left for Russia, and not to the West, like the traitor Azarov broadcast from Austria)?

What will happen if Russia, as the guarantor of the Minsk agreements, organizes and correctly counts the votes of the population on their implementation and ensures this process?

What will happen if the fact of the complete lack of the opportunity to study in their native Russian language, the absence of Russian-language TV channels and Russian-language literature, coupled with the law on indigenous peoples, Russia assesses as a fact of genocide and issues an appropriate ultimatum to the Ukrainian government?

At the moment, the point of no return has not yet been passed. Considering the rottenness, theft and stupidity of the current structure of state administration in Ukraine and the undoubted creative potential of the competent authorities of Russia, any of these fantasies can be realized.

Which one is not for us to decide. But there is a desire to participate!

Khoja Nasreddin, specially for News Fron


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