Nineteen rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon

According to an update, 19 missiles were fired from Lebanon at Israel, three of them fell on Lebanese territory, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Amnon Shefler said.

Nineteen rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon

“19 missiles were fired, three of them fell on the territory of Lebanon, 16 crossed the border with Israel, ten of them were intercepted”, the spokesman said at a briefing.

He added that the Israeli army “is not interested in escalation, but will not allow such acts of terror.”

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that alarm sirens went off in northern Israel for the second time in a week. Then it was reported that more than ten missiles were fired from Lebanese territory into Israel, most of them were intercepted. Israel’s army currently strikes at launch sources in Lebanon.

The press service of the Magen David Adom ambulance reported that after the sirens went off, no complaints have been received about the victims.


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