Expert: if Ukraine tries to “turn to the East”, the West will cut off its oxygen

Russian political scientist Sergei Mikheev commented on the hypothetical possibility of expanding cooperation between Ukraine and China.

Expert: if Ukraine tries to "turn to the East", the West will cut off its oxygen

According to the expert, such a turn of events would be cause for joy. Russia and China have a long-standing partnership. The development of ties between Beijing and Kiev could bring cooperation with Moscow to a new level.

“If Ukraine is ready, roughly speaking, to become some kind of junior partner of China, then we will only be glad. We will derive our geopolitical benefits from this”, Mikheev said.

However, this option is not really worth considering. The words of Aleksey Arestovich (press secretary of the Kiev delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group) about “moving from West to East” are nothing more than a cheap bluff.

Ukrainian representatives can say as much as they like that if they don’t like something, she will turn her back on the US and Europe. But they will not succeed in realizing these threats: the West has too many levers of pressure on the “independent” Ukraine. Washington and Brussels can almost instantly suppress any riot in Kiev, the political scientist summed up.


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