The Afghan leadership accuses the United States of leaving them alone with the Taliban

The Afghan general said that the likely victory of the Taliban militants over the pro-government troops of Afghanistan threatens global security

The Afghan leadership accuses the United States of leaving them alone with the Taliban

In an interview with the BBC, Afghan Army General Sadat warned the West of the “devastating” global security implications of a Taliban victory against government forces. Sadat is leading the fight against the Taliban in the southern province of Helmand, in whose capital, Lashkar Gakh, fierce fighting began the day before. It is reported that the Taliban have already taken over most of the city. According to the UN, at least 10 civilians have died there in recent days.

The Afghan military said that the Taliban are being strengthened by militants from other Islamist groups, and warned that their advance deep into Afghanistan poses a threat outside the country.

“This will increase hope of mobilizing small extremist groups in cities across Europe and America and will have a devastating impact on global security”, –  he said. –  “This is not a war in Afghanistan, this is a war between freedom and totalitarianism.”

The Taliban attack in Helmand province is part of a major offensive across Afghanistan. Militants have moved forward quickly in recent months as US troops fled in a hurry after 20 years of military operations in the country. At one time, it was Helmand that was the center of the military campaign of the United States and Great Britain, and any success of the Taliban in this province would be a real blow to the Afghan government.

As government forces struggle to contain the Taliban advance, President Ashraf Ghani blamed the failure on American troops, whose sudden withdrawal spurred the fighting.

“The reason for our current situation is that the decision was taken suddenly,” he told parliament on Monday, adding that he had warned Washington that the withdrawal of troops would have far-reaching “consequences.”

At the same time, residents of Lashkar Gakh complain that they live in fear and do not see much difference between the Taliban and the pro-government army.

“Neither the Taliban will spare us, nor the government will stop bombing. The roads are full of corpses. We don’t know if they are civilians or Taliban fighters”, – a local resident told the BBC.


“I don’t know where to go, there are clashes in every corner of the city”, – complained another.


It is important to note that the US and British Air Forces continue to provide air support to the Afghan army. It is under their bombs that civilians die, which naturally does not add to their loyalty to the occupiers and the government in Kabul, which, in fact, is still based on American “bayonets”.

And while Western politicians sigh hypocritically about the casualties among Afghans, habitually blaming the Taliban, China and Russia, including through the CSTO structures, are trying to establish a dialogue with both sides of the conflict in order to facilitate its early end. This is not the first time that Russia has to “clean up” after American warriors, leaving behind only destruction and death.


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