Expert calls Ecumenical Patriarch’s visit to Kiev an attempt to create a new schism in Orthodoxy

In the opinion of a Serbian expert, Bartholomew’s main goal is Ukraine

Expert calls Ecumenical Patriarch's visit to Kiev an attempt to create a new schism in Orthodoxy

Serbian political analyst Boris Nad told News Front that the arrival of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is an attempt to create a new schism in the Orthodox world.

“The particular target is Ukraine. The mass rally in Kiev before Bartholomew’s arrival, organised by the canonical. Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), showed what the vast majority of believers think about it”, –  the expert believes. – “As for Ukraine itself, the visit was missed. Zelensky is a comedian who played a tragic role. He is, of course, just a puppet. The authorities in Kiev have not been very good either domestically or in foreign policy for a long time. What did they expect anyway?”

According to the political analyst, Ukraine’s fate has already been decided.

“Analyst Rostislav Ishchenko on the Ukrainian case uses a vivid expression: buy a brick. The United States paid dearly for Ukraine, but later discovered that it had ‘bought a brick’: a useless and expensive thing. Now they are watching to see what happens to it. Ukraine will inevitably return to the Russian orbit sooner or later”, –  Bory Nad is convinced.


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