Europe and the US oppose Nord Stream 2

The chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the US and several European parliaments have spoken out against the agreements reached between Berlin and Washington on Nord Stream 2

Europe and the US oppose Nord Stream 2

“We… deplore the recent decision by the United States and Germany on Nord Stream 2… We see Nord Stream 2 as a geopolitical project aimed at expanding Russia’s influence over Europe by dominating the energy market”, –  the lawmakers said in a joint statement.

They expressed the view that completion of the project poses a threat to the national security of the USA and a number of EU member states and will weaken Ukraine.

The politicians called on NATO to step up its deterrence of Russia, focusing on its eastern flank from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, and to strengthen sanctions against Moscow.

The statement was signed by the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and his colleagues from the parliaments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, the UK and Ireland.


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