Kuleba again persuades the West to accept Ukraine into the EU and NATO

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has again demanded that Europe and the United States accept “non-independent” into NATO and the European Union

Kuleba again persuades the West to accept Ukraine into the EU and NATO

He published an article for Foreign Affairs in which he said that it was high time for the West to adopt “roadmaps” for Ukraine’s accession to the EU and the Alliance. Thus he recommends fixing the country’s status institutionally.

“In the case of Ukraine, it is primarily about institutionalising our state’s place in the Western world. It is time for the USA and European allies to finally determine a clear roadmap for Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU”, –  Kuleba wrote.

The diplomat insisted that the US and European “partners” should work out some strategy regarding Ukraine’s future. Kuleba optimistically recalled the declaration of 2008 signed at the summit in Bucharest. It declared that the day of accession to NATO and the EU “will surely come”. Given that 13 years have passed since that day, the statements of the foreign minister sound simply naive.

However, the most amusing thing is Kuleba’s attempt to frame everything as if Ukraine needs the EU and NATO themselves. He claimed it would help “strengthen the eastern border of democratic Europe” and “pump up the economic muscles”. How the poor country, living on handouts, is supposed to help its economy, the diplomat stated


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