Lockdown in August: the country is split

America is experiencing another surge in the incidence of coronavirus. Amid the emergence of the delta strain and the slowdown in vaccination, there is renewed talk of the return of quarantine measures

Lockdown in August: the country is split

The other day, the Centre for Disease Control turned 180º and called for all those vaccinated to wear masks . The federal government and authorities in several liberal metropolises immediately obeyed these instructions while the rest of the country ignored them.

A no-nonsense battle is unfolding at the Capitol. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded that police arrest all congressional staffers who do not have a mask on their face. Opposition lawmakers and their aides immediately announced that they would not comply with these draconian measures and began to defiantly violate them.

Joe Biden habitually mumbled generalities in response to journalists’ questions about vaccination masks. And the notional Dr. Fauci has it much easier: he has already changed his mind so often on the issue of wearing masks that he probably doesn’t even remember how quickly his methodology changes.

Meanwhile, Fauci’s colleagues have started talking about the possibility of creating a single database of the vaccinated. And the liberal press is proposing a 99% tax on all unvaccinated people.

They continue to broadcast the stereotypical image of anti-vaccinationists – they are all “redneck Trumpists” who don’t believe in science. True, the reality is quite different – there are a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities, blacks and Hispanics, among those who hesitate to vaccinate.

The White House does not deny that more lockdowns are imminent. There are rumors that quarantine measures will be declared as early as the beginning of August – but only in a few liberal states which are willing to collaborate with the Biden administration.

The legitimacy crisis of the Washington elite is so great that more than half of America is unlikely to want to follow its dictates at all. A renewed economic meltdown in cities like New York, triggered by the new quarantine, would only accelerate the exodus of the population from the “liberal paradise” there.

Malek Dudakov


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