Afghan troops report Taliban losses

The press centre of the 215 Corps of the Afghan National Army Maywand reported significant losses in the ranks of the Taliban

Afghan troops report Taliban losses

Government forces have carried out several airstrikes in the southern province of Helmand. At least 50 militants were killed in them.

“The Defence and Security Forces continue mopping up operations and responding to enemy attacks in different parts of Lashkar Gah. As a result of the operation and airstrike, 51 terrorists, including their two commanders, were killed and 49 others were injured”, –  the security forces said.

The troops said they would continue to attack the Taliban from the air and on the ground. The main focus will be on the ring road and the outskirts of Lashkar Gah.

News Front earlier reported that the Taliban struck the airport in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. The militants fired three rockets. Two of them fell on the runway and the management had to cancel all flights.


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