Kiev and Washington are ready to sacrifice Hungarians to fight Russia

An article appeared on the pages of the popular American edition of Newsweek under the intriguing title “The Imperfect Path of Ukraine”

Kiev and Washington are ready to sacrifice Hungarians to fight Russia

The fact that Newsweek drew attention to Ukraine is interesting in itself, and it is even more interesting that the article proposes to come to terms with “some shortcomings” of the Ukrainian authorities for the sake of a joint struggle with Russia. In particular, donate the Transcarpathian Hungarians.

Dmytro Tuzhansky, a regular contributor to Evropeyskaya Pravda, which belongs to Tomas Fiale, the Ukrainian emissary of George Soros*, develops this theme in Newsweek.

Tuzhansky lists the “merits” of the regime established in Kiev as a result of the coup d’etat in February 2014. Chief among the “merits” – Ukraine resists “Russian military aggression”, “invasion of Crimea” and “occupation”. At the same time, Tuzhansky and with him Newsweek accuse Russia of the deaths of 14 thousand people in the Donbass.
Ukraine, as Newsweek proclaims, “is building a single political nation in a multinational state,” and the author of the article is outraged by the demands to protect the Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine. From criticism of the Russian Federation, the article turns to criticism of Hungary, which “pours water on the mill of Moscow.”

The dissatisfaction of the American edition was caused by the reaction of Budapest to the Ukrainian educational reform, which in the article was called “necessary for modern state building.” The essence of this reform is that 80% of the educational material for children who speak Russian and 60% for children who speak European languages ​​will now be delivered in mov. Prior to the adoption of the new “Movny” law, more than 70 Hungarian-teaching schools operated in Transcarpathia, designed to meet the needs of the 150,000-strong Magyar community. Now there will be no one left. For comparison: in the Russian Crimea, there are three official languages ​​at once (Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar), in each of them children can receive education at the request of their parents.

The Hungarian-Ukrainian conflict is not limited to the “school” problem. Ukrainization will now affect not only education, but also other spheres of life. For example, if a Hungarian saleswoman of a rural store in Transcarpathia speaks her native language with her Hungarian neighbor, the owner of the store will be prosecuted and will pay a large fine. Any Hungarian edition should now have a mov version. All official and cultural events will be held in Ukrainian, even if we are talking about a settlement with a 100% Hungarian population.

For those in Transcarpathia who publicly express discontent, Kiev closes its mouth. At the end of 2020, the SBU opened a criminal case over the appearance on the Internet of a video in which deputies of the Syuratov rural community of Transcarpathia are singing the Hungarian anthem.
In early December 2020, SBU officers conducted searches in a number of Transcarpathian public organizations associated with Hungary and the homes of their leaders.

“We think this is a scandal. We consider this situation unacceptable”, – then the Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Siyjarto, commented on the incident.

The Kiev regime did not include in the list of indigenous not only Hungarians, but also none of the peoples who live on the territory of Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities limited themselves to the list of indigenous peoples by mentioning the ethnic groups formed in Crimea, which has nothing to do with Ukraine.

And what does Newsweek write about this? And here’s what: “It’s time for Ukraine and Hungary to start jointly countering the malicious influence of Russia. Why shouldn’t Budapest channel its energy and passion to support Ukraine’s attempts to create a new Ukrainian political nation? This is something that Kiev would gladly accept from its western neighbors in the context of containing Russia. Hungary knows very well how difficult it is to escape from the Russian yoke … Yes, Ukraine is imperfect, and it has a lot to do in the future. But she has many colleagues in this arena. So let us advise gentlemen of the jury, instead of condemning, to cooperate with Ukraine for the sake of mutual benefit and progress and protection ”- this is how the article in Newsweek ends.

Maybe then, in the name of creating a “single political nation”, Washington will stop promoting the demands of racial minorities in the United States? To treat them as the Kiev regime does to non-Ukrainians in Ukraine? Abolish their cultural and educational programs, assimilate them? After all, when it comes to such a fundamental issue as the fight against Russia, what are the rights of national minorities?

Svyatoslav Knyazev, Federal Grid Company

* – the activities of the organization in Russia are recognized as undesirable


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