French Foreign Ministry condemned the offensive of the Syrian army in Deraa

France condemns the offensive of the Syrian army in Deraa, said a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry.

French Foreign Ministry condemned the offensive of the Syrian army in Deraa

Earlier it was reported that the situation in Syrian Deraa escalated sharply after the militants in the area of ​​the old city center – Deraa-Balad broke the truce with the authorities and refused to fulfill the agreements reached earlier, including laying down their arms.

The Syrian authorities, through the mediation of the competent authorities on the one hand and the elders and representatives of the interests of the militants, on the other, agreed that the bandit formations would lay down all their weapons and everyone who wanted to be able to take advantage of the rehabilitation program. The authorities, for their part, pledged to provide all the necessary conditions for the normal living of the inhabitants of Deraa-Balyad and to provide a safe corridor for all militants who are against the ceasefire, for their withdrawal to the north of the country.

An informed source told RIA Novosti that the Syrian army launched a military operation on Thursday morning to destroy the last hotbeds of terrorists in Deraa, but the offensive will take place in stages to enable the resumption of peace negotiations.

“France strongly condemns the deadly offensive of the Syrian regime, with the support of its supporters, on the city of Deraa, which is one of the symbols of the suffering endured by the Syrians over the decade of conflict,” the French Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement.

“This attack confirmed that in the absence of a credible political process, Syria, including areas under the control of the regime, will not be able to restore stability. There can be no lasting military solution to the Syrian conflict. Only a comprehensive political process based on various aspects of Security Council resolution 2254. will put an end to the Syrian tragedy”, he said.

The French official also noted that France reaffirms its commitment to fighting impunity for the most serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.


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