British professor scares Europe with war with Russia after launch of Nord Stream-2

According to Maximilian Terhalle, the completion of construction and the launch of Nord Stream 2 should prompt Russia to begin an invasion of Ukraine, and after it into Western Europe.

According to the British Daily Express, the Russian translation of the article in which was prepared by the portal InoSMI, the agreement reached between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden on the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany may lead to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attack neighboring Ukraine as well as Europe as a whole.

British professor scares Europe with war with Russia after launch of Nord Stream-2

“It is likely that Ukraine, which has been at war since 2014 and has been deprived of even the minimal control it once had over Russia because of this pipeline, is now doomed. The smaller NATO neighbors with Russia are also rightly wary, asking once again how reliable the means of deterring the alliance really are. And not without reason, ”says Maximilian Terhalle, professor at King’s College London and former senior adviser to the British Defense Ministry.

In addition, the British professor is convinced of the start of another war between the United States and China, and since, according to the expert, the United States is not able to wage a war on two fronts, there will simply be no one to stand up for “unhappy Ukraine”.

“Of course, the Russian president was encouraged by Germany’s stubborn disregard for the gas pipeline’s construction by Poland and the Baltic states, not to mention the fact that Biden recently made it clear that Russia poses less of a threat to US security than China”, – the expert continues to insist on his logic.

“The war between the United States and China is likely to absorb, if not all of the economic and military potential of the United States, then most of it, and, therefore, will significantly undermine the credibility of the Americans in their ability to provide deterrence in Europe”. 

In his lengthy reasoning, the British scientist explains in detail “where Putin will attack and where he will not attack”, he does not say only one thing: why does Russia need a war with those to whom they, in fact, are going to supply gas through the gas pipeline under construction? But, apparently, such trifles are not of interest to Maximilian Terhalle, because they do not fit into his entertaining picture of the coming apocalypse.


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