Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expects “concrete results” from Zelensky’s visit to USA

The ministry stressed that Kiev and Washington want the Ukrainian president’s visit to be substantive

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expects "concrete results" from Zelensky's visit to USA
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba plans to visit the USA to prepare for the Ukrainian president’s visit to Washington. The minister said this at a briefing on Wednesday, which was broadcast on the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page.

“A specific date for the visit (of a Ukrainian delegation to Washington) by the White House and the US State Department is being worked out now”, –  he said, answering a question about the timing of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s visit to the US. – “On the agenda will be the preparation of a meeting of the presidents and specifically the preparation of the presidents’ agreements, because we do not want a ceremonial visit”, –  he said.

Kuleba stressed that both Kiev and Washington want the visit of the Ukrainian president to be substantive and “with concrete results”.

The press secretary of the US administration, Jen Psaki, said earlier that US President Joe Biden would receive Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House on 30 August. The Ukrainian president said that he expected a substantive and fruitful meeting with the US president, during which he hoped that the sides would be able to discuss, in particular, the situation in Donbas. He also said that he hoped to discuss “the threats posed by Nord Stream 2 to Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, US congressmen sent appeals to the White House to change the date for the Ukrainian president’s visit.


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