Protests over COVID-19 continue around the world

Protests against vaccinations continue around the world. Thousands of people are taking to the streets in France, Italy, Australia and Greece

People are protesting against the restrictions, and against the vaccines themselves. They fear the new medicine and its effects almost more than the virus itself.

People in Athens are protesting against vaccinations for children and adolescents. There was a rally this week and it ended in clashes with police. Even larger protests are taking place in Paris these days.

Legislative initiatives by the French authorities regarding visiting restaurants, cafés, gyms or cinemas without a health pass have also sparked protests. Because of the significant increase in the number of sick people, the authorities are keen to achieve collective immunity as quickly as possible.

The French have been manipulated on social media and have begun to smash vaccination centres.

In contrast to France, the protests in Italy are linked to the holiday season. The ultras and the right-wing are the mainstay of the protests. Protesters in Rome, Milan and Verona oppose the government’s decision to extend the use of the green passport.


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