Media: European Union is not united and may soon split into East and West

The French columnists of the publication Le Figaro, claim the presence of serious contradictions between the two sides of the European Union

Media: European Union is not united and may soon split into East and West

We are talking about the Western Europe, which actually created the EU, and the Eastern, the so-called new Europe, whose values and priorities often diverge from the “old” ones.

Le Figaro writes that this is a kind of conflict of “fathers and children,” but only in politics. Almost 30 years ago a number of Western countries united to form the European Union. After the collapse of the socialist bloc and the abolition of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, many East European states also wanted to integrate into the Western world. They expected new technologies, a successful and prosperous life, and a stable economy. However, ideology – for example, LGBT ideology – also came with it. And the Eastern European states were not ready for this, which creates antagonism and, in the long term, may cause the collapse of the European Union.

“The European Union is weakening by the day and splitting into West and East. Once upon a time, the leading countries of Europe thought that the countries of Eastern Europe, having joined the EU, would simply be happy and obliged that they were accepted into the community. No one even thought that they could ever impose their views on the Western EU founding countries of this union. The word of Berlin, Paris, Brussels was law for them. But all that has changed. The vassals no longer want to remain as such, and they act to advance their interests. And it turned out that these interests and values are not the same as in Western Europe. And no one wants to give in and, apparently, will not. What will it lead to? The political elite of the Western EU countries is increasingly talking about the inevitability of the split of the European Union into Eastern and Western”, – says the article of the French newspaper.

What astonishes journalists in France does not sound particularly surprising. Moreover: in a certain sense, it was obvious. The Eastern European mentality is different from the Western European mentality. For example, Poland, for example, is an extremely conservative Catholic country with a large church and the right-wing Pis party in power. Hungary, on the other hand, for the past two decades has consistently chosen Viktor Orban, an opponent of LGBT, migrants and liberalism, who calls Putin “cool” and declares that the future of his country lies beyond liberal democracy. Thus, the EU split has long been evident, and at this point it is only a matter of time before it is formalized. It may very well be that sooner or later we will have to live in a new reality in which there are two European Union, one Western and one Eastern. This is what the French columnists are warning us about.


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