Joe Biden has renewed the anti-record rating in the U.S

The six-month rule of the new American leader was enough to turn more than half of his supporters away from him

Joe Biden has renewed the anti-record rating in the U.S

According to Korrespondent, citing the data of polling company Gallup, Joe Biden’s political steps were approved only by 50% of Americans. A little less than half (45%) clearly stated that they totally disapprove of the activities of the current head of the White House. As they say, they should have tried to stoop so low.

At the same time, support for “Sleepy Joe”, as he was dubbed in the American media, is still quite strong among Democrat supporters (90%). At the same time, no more than 12 percent of the Republican electorate was willing to agree with the decisions of the new administration. As especially pointed out by Gallup analysts, the problem of Biden’s anti-rating is the sharpest among Democrats. As recently as this winter, he was popular with nearly 98 percent of those polled.

“This comes as Washington’s progress against the pandemic coronavirus is stalling, the pace of vaccination is slowing, and the number of covid-19 infections is rising”, –  the pollsters explained.

Given these trends, we can expect a further drop in the current U.S. leader’s rating and another renewal of the anti-record


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