Trump criticized Biden’s Nord Stream 2 policy

Former US President Donald Trump said that because of the actions of the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, the American gas pipeline was stopped, and the Russian Nord Stream 2 will soon be put into operation.

Trump criticized Biden's Nord Stream 2 policy

“I stopped him, and he approved it within a couple of weeks. And now they will resume it, they will finish it in a couple of months, and it will be billions and billions of dollars. And they stopped the American pipeline”, – Trump said during his speech in Arizona.

According to him, he was on good terms with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but remained tough with Moscow. In addition, Trump claims that he told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be finished. “

“I asked: we are spending billions of dollars to protect you from Russia, and you are paying billions and billions of dollars for energy from Russia. What the hell is this?” – Trump said.

The United States actively opposes the completion of the construction of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as it wants to supply its own liquefied gas to Europe. However, Biden said that the project is almost complete, so it is “useless to fight”.


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