States spend $ 750 million on Ukraine annually

US Charge d’Affaires in Ukraine and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent told how much Kiev costs Washington.

States spend $ 750 million on Ukraine annually

According to him, the United States annually allocates about 750 million US dollars to help Ukrainians who still consider themselves “independent”.

“I think we have a very solid foundation of support. Every year our Congress allocates funds to support Ukraine in various industries – up to 750 million a year. Apparently, there are four, maximum five, other countries that receive such support from us every year. And it doesn’t depend on who sits in the White House. Democrats and Republicans both support Ukraine together. And I think it does not depend on the administration, officials working with Ukraine”, said Kent.

In addition, he said that the presidency of Joe Biden is almost a blessing for Kiev. As vice president, he visited Ukraine six times. And that means he is well versed in it. According to Kent, this is an advantage for Ukrainians.

Kent is temporarily serving as the American ambassador to Ukraine. However, the former US diplomatic representative in Kiev, William Taylor, said that the administration had already decided on a permanent candidacy.


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