NBC: Taliban* prevent Afghan refugees from evacuating to US

Many Afghan residents, whom Washington agreed to evacuate amid the Taliban* militants’ advance, cannot travel to Kabul, NBC reports.

NBC: Taliban* prevent Afghan refugees from evacuating to US

“Thousands of Afghans who are eligible for the US to evacuate them now face the last deadly obstacle – getting to Kabul without being captured or killed by the Taliban,” NBC reported.

According to the channel, this week the American authorities sent e-mails to hundreds of Afghans who had previously provided assistance to the American military, including as translators. They were offered an evacuation to the United States, but they must get to Kabul on their own.

NBC notes that some residents of the country told the US authorities that they could not come to Kabul because the roads are already controlled by the Taliban*. An American official, who commented on the channel’s reporters, said the United States no longer has a military presence in Afghanistan and “cannot provide transportation” for the evacuees.

US President Joe Biden announced in April his decision to scale back the operation in Afghanistan, which has become Washington’s longest-running foreign military campaign. The White House claims that the withdrawal of the American contingent will be completed by September 11.

The Taliban* is an Islamist movement banned in the Russian Federation.


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