German economist outraged by international discussion of German interests

German economist Volker Helmeier, in an interview with RT, was outraged by the fact that Germany’s sovereign right to make German economist outraged by international discussion of German interestsdecisions regarding its own energy supply is being discussed at the international level.


“When we observe today that, for example, Poland does not approve of the signed EU treaties and violates these treaties, but at the same time considers itself entitled to interfere in German policy regarding Nord Stream 2, we are faced with a violation of international political conventions regarding this project”, – Helmeier said.

In his opinion, the need to actually protect the interests of Germany is of fundamental importance. The expert stressed that Russia “did not in the least violate the agreements on energy supply.”

“On the other hand, the fact also remains that Ukraine threatened us. Namely: she threatened to interrupt the transmission, transit of gas, that is, she acted as blackmail. The fact also remains that Ukraine illegally took gas off. We have a responsibility to respond to such attacks”, -concluded Helmeier.

Earlier it became known that the United States and Germany published a joint statement on Nord Stream 2. Former US President Donald Trump criticized the policy of the current American leader Joe Biden regarding the Russian gas pipeline.


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