Ukrainian transit becomes unnecessary even for Eastern Europe

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov has commented on another “gas fantasies” of the Ukrainian side. He noted that Kiev’s gas transit has no future

Ukrainian transit becomes unnecessary even for Eastern Europe

“What are they talking about at all? What gas from Iran for the Ukrainian gas transmission system? What Qatar? The Ukrainian GTS has no global potential, there is no interest in it outside Eastern Europe either”, –  he wrote in his Telegram channel.

He noted that even within these boundaries Ukraine is becoming more and more useless. More and more “gas strings” are emerging that will be a profitable and convenient solution for transporting fuel.

“Kiev’s only chance is to come to an agreement with Moscow, and without confrontation and hysteria. But no: Kiev still prefers to kick penalties into its own goal”, –  believes Pushkov.

Ukraine does not understand the main thing: it has always needed good relations with Russia. Moscow has offered advantageous conditions for cooperation. Kiev simply cannot find an equal replacement.


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