“Could have made money”: Estonia admits defeat on Nord Stream 2

Hans Luik, an influential Estonian media mogul and board member of Ekspress Grupp, noted that the Baltic states fought desperately against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, although they could have earned from it, EurAsia Daily reports

"Could have made money": Estonia admits defeat on Nord Stream 2

“We fought against Nord Stream selflessly. Estonia didn’t even want to get a penny from the construction of this ambitious project (Finland made a good profit at the same time)”, –  Luik wrote on his Facebook page.

He reminded that in 2007 Estonian Academy of Sciences opposed the Nord Stream-2 project as it allegedly could have caused “a gigantic explosion”. According to scientist Ants Erm, a rupture of “the gas pipeline would be equivalent to the detonation of 118 nuclear bombs”, but other experts found this point of view untenable.

“Scientists were talking about the danger of a giant explosion. Biden, on the other hand, came from another continent and gave the independent state of Germany permission to make a deal with the Russians. The position of the European Union on this issue means nothing anymore”, –  Luik concluded.


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