Shooting occurred two kilometers from the White House

Two people were injured in a shootout in a busy Washington area two kilometers from the White House, police said.

Shooting occurred two kilometers from the White House

“Two victims, both conscious and breathing, they were sent to local hospitals,” RIA Novosti was told at the public relations office of the capital’s police.

They noted that the incident took place at about 20.00 Thursday (03.00 Moscow time, Friday) at the intersection of 14 and Riggs streets. According to the interlocutor of the agency, no arrests have yet been made.

Police are looking for a suspect: a man in a yellow sweater in a black car with local numbers. Eyewitnesses of the incident write on social networks that they heard about 20-30 shots.

This intersection is located in a busy area just two kilometers from the White House. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly pointed out that the US is engulfed in an epidemic of “armed violence.” The day before, he said that although the number of crimes in the country as a whole is declining, the number of deaths from firearms is growing.


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