Biden admits that he cannot stop Nord Stream-2

The US President said the pipeline project was “99% complete.”

Biden admits that he cannot stop Nord Stream-2

According to TASS, before flying from Cincinnati (Ohio) to Washington, US President Joe Biden told reporters that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project was “99% complete” and it was no longer possible to stop its implementation.

“Nord Stream-2 is 99% complete. The idea that one could say or do something in order to stop it is not possible, – the journalist of the press pool quotes the words of the head of state. As you know, I had a very, very fruitful discussion with Angela Merkel. She and the German government are working on commitments that suggest that if Russia actually makes efforts to deliberately harm Ukraine and other countries, they will respond”.

Nord Stream 2 is one of the controversial topics in relations between Washington and Berlin. The German authorities have repeatedly said that they consider it necessary to complete the construction of the gas pipeline. This project is considered economic in Berlin, but they insist that Ukraine retain the role of a transit country. Washington opposed the construction and tried to block the project.


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