Russia is not a gas station: the appearance of the Su-75 pushed Biden to unpleasant conclusions

According to military expert Igor Korotchenko, the newest Russian fifth-generation fighter, which was demonstrated during the MAKS-2021 international air show, was another unpleasant surprise for Washington.

Russia is not a gas station: the appearance of the Su-75 pushed Biden to unpleasant conclusions

The newest fighter, unveiled on the first day of MAKS-2021, is much lighter than the first Russian fifth-generation fighter, the Su-57. The lightness and maneuverability of the aircraft is obtained through the use of one engine. According to the expert, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paid special attention to the Russian novelty.

“The national intelligence brief that the CIA director presented to Biden at the White House was all about Russia. The time difference allowed the CIA analysts to quickly process the news of the last day and give a complex picture. They say Biden was unpleasantly amazed”, – Korotchenko said in the 60 Minutes program.

In his opinion, the advanced developments of Russian specialists completely destroyed the myth of the “gas station country” and demonstrated the greatness of Russia as an aviation power. Korotchenko added that in addition to the new fighter, the CIA was interested in testing the S-500 air defense system, which is capable of hitting targets in space.

The military expert also noted the non-standard name that the United States gave to the novelty of the Russian military aviation industry. According to preliminary information, the aircraft was dubbed the word Screamer (“Screamer”), which translated into Russian also means something sensational and powerful. In Russia, the plane is planned to be called Su-75, and on the international market it will be named Checkmate (“Checkmate”).

“The cry was heard at the Pentagon, and they gave the aircraft such a name associatively. This is a real competitor to the American F-35. We have a serious application for occupying our segment in the cluster of fifth generation fighters. These are things that three or four countries of the world are capable of producing. The fighter, the Zircon, the S-500 – all of this shows that Russia is successful. There are no countries with hypersonic gas stations. This is the main conclusion that the US President has clearly learned today”, – Korotchenko summed up.


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